Monday, October 19, 2009

"Delay, or not delay - that is the question"

If you have Atlantis Word Processor version through, you probably noticed that Atlantis freezes for a few seconds (on slower computers for up to 10 seconds) after you start typing text. (By the way, you can find out the version of your Atlantis by choosing the "Help | About..." menu command.)

Some users don't see a problem with having this delay in Atlantis (it happens only once per session). But some were quite annoyed by it, especially those who have slower PCs.

So what causes this delay? Atlantis version (and higher) has a big module dealing with the inflected forms of English words. This module is stored in a compressed form within the executable file of Atlantis. When Atlantis needs this module, it has to load and decompress a large amount of data. This takes time even on a fast system. Two features of Atlantis - Overused Words and Power Type - need information about inflected forms. When you start typing in Atlantis, the Power Type feature is launched, and Atlantis starts loading inflected forms. This is why there is a delay.

But we didn't want just to explain why you have this delay. We came up with a solution which will improve things significantly.

Any next version of Atlantis ( or higher) won't decompress the module with inflected forms every time you launch Atlantis and start typing. It will do this only once after you install or upgrade Atlantis. Decompressed data will be saved to a special file under the home folder of Atlantis (don't be surprised if you find a new file with a .tmp extension there). After a restart, Atlantis would load this file in a fraction of second. So you could say bye-bye to the delay that annoyed you. Well, if it didn't annoy you, you could still say bye-bye to it. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, team. That's certainly a good explanation of the delay which is inconvenient when a user starts to type. Even so, it raises some questions. Since not all users use power type or need the over-used words feature, how much of the programme's speed is being sacrificed to them? There are plenty of slow, over-featured word processors out there. But Atlantis, so far, has been different.

Atlantis Word Processor Team said...

When you start typing in Atlantis (the latest public version), it doesn't automatically load the module with inflected forms if Power Type is off. If you have disabled the Power Type feature in Atlantis through the "Tools | Power Type..." dialog, but you still experience this delay in Atlantis, most probably you have a pre- version of Atlantis. In this case, just choose the "Help | Check for Updates..." menu command of Atlantis, and update. Or use alternative upgrade methods.