Friday, December 26, 2014

Release of Atlantis

Atlantis Word Processor has been released.

Click here for the release notes.

There are multiple ways to upgrade your copy of Atlantis Word Processor to the latest version.

If you do not have Atlantis Word Processor on your computer yet, you can install this new version of Atlantis by running the latest setup file of Atlantis. Click here to download it.


Anonymous said...

I am a registered user of AWP. I like it very much. I have version on my Windows machine using XP.

I also have Avast antivirus loaded. It blocks your update function due to "Win32 Malware-gen." My original file scans clean. I am now very suspicious of this program. What do you think of this situation? This was one of the few programs I ever paid for, and I am disappointed.

Atlantis Word Processor Team said...

It is a false positive. You can ignore it. Atlantis Word Processor contains no malware.