Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updating under Vista

When new versions of Atlantis are released, you can update your copy of Atlantis in several different ways. The simplest and most convenient of them is the Atlantis "Help | Check for Updates..." menu command. It checks the Atlantis site to determine if any updates are available. If so, you can upgrade your copy of Atlantis with a few mouse clicks and following simple onscreen instructions.

Regrettably the "Check for Updates" command of Atlantis did not work as expected under Windows Vista. It downloaded the updates to your PC, then asked your permission to close Atlantis:

You clicked the OK button, and Atlantis shut itself down. At that point, the update process stalled on some systems. Atlantis tried to launch the update module, but it was blocked by the User Account Control of Windows. So the update process was never actually completed.

This will be fixed in Atlantis Word Processor 1.6.5. The update process will continue with a message from the User Account Control of Vista:

You will only need to click "Allow" to launch the update module of Atlantis.

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