Sunday, January 10, 2010

Samples go online

If you ever browsed the home folder of Atlantis Word Processor with your file manager, you probably noticed the "Samples" subfolder under "C:\Program Files\Atlantis\". Surely you did not find it hard to guess that it contained ... sample documents. :) The Atlantis Help made reference to some of them, like for instance a document named "Bulleted & Numbered Lists" demonstrating unusual list formats.

We also had a collection of sample documents available for download as a ZIP file from the Downloads page of the Atlantis site.

It so happened that the local "Samples" folder on your hard disk and the ZIP file available for download on the Atlantis site contained very similar documents with similar purposes. We have decided to place all these sample documents in one single location. They are now available on a new dedicated page of the Atlantis site:

Accordingly, the next setup files of Atlantis will be lighter: they will not be loaded with sample documents anymore.

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