Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting less noisy

A new review of Atlantis Word Processor has just been published by IT Reviews:


It's an interesting review with a few critical notes. One of them deals with the Atlantis sounds. The author finds Atlantis "too noisy". As a matter of fact, the Atlantis default setup includes the Standard sound scheme with sounds for plenty of events. We understand that some of our first-time users might feel that Atlantis at times sounds more like a jukebox than a word processor. In the past, some of them actually asked in desperation how they could possibly disable these sounds.

So we've decided to take our cue from this latest review of Atlantis and change the way the Atlantis Sounds are installed. Any new release of Atlantis will install the Basic sound scheme with the typewriter sounds plus a few other really useful sounds, for events such as a "Caps Lock toggle" or a "potential misspelling". In this way, new Atlantis users will not get a too noisy "Hello" from Atlantis.

For those who want more sounds, the complete sound scheme with about 100 sounds will be available as an optional download from the Atlantis site.

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