Friday, February 26, 2010

Highlighting and Font Format

The "Highlight" tool is one of the most basic and often used features of Atlantis.

You can review documents and use specific background color(s) to highlight fragments of particular interest and draw readers' attention to them.

You can also use the "Highlight" tool as an ordinary font formatting tool to change the look of specific fragments. The "Banner creation" document demonstrates how the "Highlight" tool can be used to achieve various visual effects in a document. It is part of the Atlantis collection of Sample documents.

In Atlantis Word Processor, this "highlight color" (or simply "highlight") becomes a fully-fledged font formatting attribute:

1) You can now change the highlight characteristics of the document selection from the "Font | Format..." window of Atlantis:

2) The "Copy font format" and "Paste font format" commands of Atlantis now transfer highlight colors between text fragments.

3) The Highlight attribute can now be included in paragraph styles through the "Format | Style... > Modify... > Font..." command, or through the corresponding commands of the Styles panel of the Atlantis Control Board.

4) Highlight can also be included in the Format Palette items, and consequently used through the Format Brush tool of Atlantis.

Atlantis Word Processor is currently under betatesting. You can download it from the Betatesting page of our site.

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