Thursday, October 29, 2009

Validating ePubs

Any eBook generated by Atlantis, is supposed to be compliant with the EPUB standards (yes, EPUB is not one standard but three: Open Publication Structure, Open Packaging Format and Open Container Format).

But if you manually tweak EPUBs created by Atlantis, or you use another tool to create eBooks in the EPUB format, it may be a good idea to validate them before publishing or sending to anyone. Even if your eBook displays correctly in all major eBook readers, some publishers would not accept it if it does not pass the validation check.

So how to make sure that your eBook is a 100% valid EPUB file? It's simple. You can do this online with the tool offered by Threepress Consulting Inc. Just click the following link:

then upload an EPUB file from your disk, and click "Validate".

If there are problems with your EPUB file, the validation tool will tell you which files from the EPUB package need to be corrected.

But with any EPUB file generated by Atlantis, you should always get this nice icon:

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