Sunday, October 11, 2009

WordWeb Pro 6, or Bug fixing at a lightning speed

If every problem was resolved that quickly, it would be a nearly perfect world...

You most probably know that Atlantis has a Thesaurus command. It is available in Atlantis if you have the WordWeb software on your PC. Most use this command as follows: they right-click a word in Atlantis, then choose the "Thesaurus..." command from the menu to display a WordWeb window with synonyms. This window normally has a "Replace" button. You click it to replace the current word in Atlantis with a synonym from WordWeb.

This is how things always worked. But a long-time Atlantis user Michael Speir has discovered a glitch in the latest paid version of WordWeb Pro 6. Right-clicking any document word in Atlantis, and choosing the "Thesaurus..." command from the menu still displayed a WordWeb window with synonyms. But there was no "Replace" button in this window anymore.

Michael has contacted the WordWeb developers on this issue, and VoilĂ : it is fixed! The patched version of WordWeb Pro was available for download from their site in hours! Not many software companies react on bug reports from customers that quickly.

So if you are using Atlantis + WordWeb Pro 6, and you get no "Replace" button in the thesaurus window, please know this glitch has been already fixed by the WordWeb programmers. You can now update your thesaurus. The version number of WordWeb Pro has gone from 6 to 6.0.

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