Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows Vista, or Where is my choice?

If you are among the 18% of computer users who run Windows Vista on their systems, or if you already have Windows 7, this information is meant for you.

What do you normally do when you notice a red-underlined misspelt word in your Atlantis document? Yes, you right-click it for the list of suggestions from the spellchecker. Well, you can always correct the misspelt word manually, but most users prefer instead to choose a proper replacement from the list.

In some cases, Atlantis offers a single replacement for the right-clicked misspelt word. But quite often the list of spellcheck suggestions contains multiple items if they all seem to be highly probable replacements, as for the Atlantis spellchecker.

The problem is that the menu with spellcheck suggestions always contains only one item if you run Atlantis under Vista (or Windows 7). As a result of this Vista-specific glitch in the recent versions of Atlantis (including the current public version of Atlantis, you never get proper replacements for some misspelt words in your documents. In such cases, you are left with no choice but to correct a misspelt word manually.

This glitch will be fixed in the upcoming version of Atlantis

Thanks again to our user Michael Speir for discovering this glitch and reporting it to us.

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