Tuesday, October 27, 2009

eBook creation: still polishing

The Overlong sentences will not be the only new feature in the upcoming minor version of Atlantis There will be a number of improvements to the Save as eBook feature as well:

1) Atlantis will save cover images for eBooks in a better way. There will be less blank space around cover images when viewed in eBook readers. For example, here is how the eBook.rtf template of Atlantis looks in Adobe Digital Editions when saved as eBook with different versions of Atlantis (click to enlarge):

2) Atlantis will divide the book's content into separate HTML files in a smarter way. It will try to reduce the number of HTML files within the ePub package. The book will be rendered by eBook readers with less unintended page breaks. If the source document is not very long, there will be no unintended page breaks at all.

3) Atlantis will automatically retrieve the author's surname from the content of the "Author" box of the "Save as eBook" window:

and generate a new metadata field within the "content.opf" file:

This "opf:file-as" field is used to sort books by author.

4) If your source document contains footnotes or endnotes, automatic numbers within notes of the eBook will be clickable:

Clicking these numbers will bring you to the corresponding note references within the main text of the eBook.

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